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Since Obama hit the scene I went from living like a king to poverty, construction just came to a screaching halt.

Old House ~ 2014

Depending on your device there is a menu at top or side of page, click “Have Saw ~ Will Travel” to see What can I do for you? Can probably fix, re-store, re-finish, re-build or trash and start over anything you got that brought you here in the first place.

After three years of Broward County I am back home again, went around the corner to “Historic Restoration Project” that’s been on-going for years and got a job there. Drywall done and painted is finally┬áready for some “Carpenter” work.

First on the list of many is making jambs out of new cypress for some stripped ancient cypress doors. These “Doors” had the old Mortice Lock Sets installed once and are pre-morticed for old hinges that were thicker than todays new ones available. No two doors are the same size nor are any of the new framed openings that greeted me.


Some bevels were backwards, some doors needed squaring up.


Exhisting mortice and screw holes were sloppy and needed some attention. I use BBQ. Squew Sticks for most screwholes with some wood glue, they fit and do just fine. Vics bit (centering bit) through the hinge screw holes insures proper and straight screw placement.


Some (most) of the framing needed slight modifications on occasion to install the new door jambs, I had to use a number of different methods including some “Old Saint Lucie River / Palm City / Red~Neck Trade Secrets” learned over the decades.
Doors installed but will need to come down, sanded, stained and finished at a later date.

Next is “Project Flooring”. I sanded around each door before installation to keep a monster floor maching at a safe distance from the new jambs. Poor old floors are a mess.


Paint needs a scraping, cracks need a cleaning.


My concern is grinding all this white paint and drywall mud into the wood fibers with the sander and creating an unwanted “Pickling Effect”


My goal is to make the rest of the floor look something like this “if” the funds are available.


After sanding is complete there is much repair to do, many loose boards to tighten, some may need replacing.

To Be Continued, stay tuned!

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Have more than forty years of experience learning what works and what doesn’t, this is on the job experience, not in some shop. After four years of Union Apprenticeship and night school we had to learn how to survey, lay out, frame floors rafters walls, form concrete, build stairs of all designs, trim, build doors, cabinets and all construction related projects BEFORE we could call our self a “Carpenter”.

Can design and build stereo systems for home or car, build speaker enclosures, I’m a mechanic, can turn a simple closet into a tornado, hurricane, fire proof safe room for you and or your valuables, a gunsmith, I can whittle you a mannlicher stock for any rifle or turn an old 45 into a masterpiece.

Look through my menus to see what I can do for you, everything here I designed and built to make the customer happy, no one ever follows me to fix what I did, none of my projects ever have a punch list after completion when I’m running the job. A punchlist means you never finished a project, we were taught better than that.

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