Have Saw ~ Will Travel ~

Everything you are about to see is “Easy” with the right stuff.
All photos should be clickable thumbs to enlarge.


I can install trees and make shelves grow from drywall like magic


Little bar just finished up locally, wanted it distressed to match exhisting back tiki porch lumber. There was this brick planter there that worked good as a foundation to build from.

Torch is first, burn  it up capitalizing with the grain directions, wire brush is next to dig the grain out be removing the softer burnt fibers.


IMG_20141210_135815 IMG_20141210_143204 IMG_20141210_174240

Color choice, used red primer and white, sanded to satisfaction topped with five coats of lacquer. Will finish with eurethane when the weather warms up. In front of barstools are two hidden doors for storage.

IMG_20141212_164656 IMG_20141212_164744 IMG_20150103_143608

Believe it or not these next items I built from pallots, them ugly things you use forklifts with, lol. With a lil sanding and cutting there’s pretty wood in them.
005 (2)IMG_20140205_113320_902IMG_1121029IMG_20140220_105457_430IMG_20140220_105611_895
This table is complete, finally.

Fireplace Mantel I just built. Un-Fortunately “Someone” wasn’t listening to the customer when they told him what it was supposed to look like, $9000.00 +or- job out the window.

A table just finished up with yellow pine, torched, painted, sanded, urethaned to look old, came out good.

001 002
Table needed a couple chairs.


Had some pieces of stump left over so I did a lil whittling on them to make some more stands assorted sizes.

IMG_1104 Maybe can sell these, phone / notebook stands.


Rosette Blocks minus the Roses? It works.

barpics 007

This job was fun, don’t know where all that asbestos siding disappeared to?


Spent about a year on this house

IMG_0007 IMG_0009

Copper, Cypress, Resin top, radius doors behind, little bar in a home.
Ratiner's Bar

IMG_0013 IMG_0014

Little cypress work here.


A Historic Restoration done a few years ago, hundred year old rotten windows, I can fix that. Replace bad wood with good, little paint and TLC… Presto.

How to build a chair, cut wood, glue nail,

167 Kreg Jig, screws, dowels 005

After some sanding, progress.


I loved working with this bamboo plywood, most fun I had in years.
Built in panels to fit.
bamboobarCute little bar with some left over bamboo scraps.

Couple entertainment centers


Here is a couple new desks I just built for a showroom, “Distressed” look. All from t&g flooring we have laying around.

Solid Cypress Kitchen I designed and built for a fella a couple years ago.
Jerry Rose Kitchen

Here is a slab of wood that some termites moved into, removed damaged sections, repaired and refinished it, about ten feet long table.

This is what I do, note all the verticle grain used in these bamboo projects, click to enlarge. No waste @ $400.00 sheet. gym20-1

Built this door around 1995, entrance to a bar / restaurant still in use today, could use a new finish, owners didnt seem to want to spend any money a few months ago on it though. Oh Well.

Wine Bar. Designed day by day with owner, All the woodwork you see I designed, cut, shaped, finished on the job.

Above are drawpulls I whittled for kids room above them,  a solid Maple Vanity for Master Bath.

Jo-Go’s Pub in Jupiter, built Cypress soffit above bar and the entire bar. See “Jo-Go” incorporated into the Cypress top left photo.


130 foot long radius counter at Grand Island Tropical Gym in Stuart. Designed daily with owner, top is inlaid with thousands of Bamboo pieces, lower is Oak cabinets and doors I built to follow the radius.

25 work15 IMG_20140819_142456


A Bamboo cabinet for the Boss at the gym

Another BamBoo counter top at the Gym, $400.00 per sheet.

Above left, private bar and hiden gun vault for one lawyer in Stuart, above right a kitchen nook and kids bedroom furniture for another lawyer here.

Above left a local Historic Restoration, right a new house, built all the blocks, pegs, dental, crown and sun arches from Cypress.

Left is a back room, roof rafters and T&G Pine, everything else is Cypress. Right is private bar, radius, copper front, resign Cypress top.

<p style=”text-align:center


This started out as a hog-pen around a hundred years ago, when I gutted it two partitions were actually horizontal fencing with teeth marks and all that were added to. Once I chased all the rats away was able to clean it up and make an office building from it, needed a porch so built one totally from old weathered lumber laying about the property.


Office behind that cabinet above


All Photos are clickable thumbs to enlarge.

A while back I gathered up all my Bosch Tools and took a pic, then Porter Cable tools. I posted the pic on each FaceBook page with “Whats an Ole Carpenter gotta do to get a T-Shirt”, got lots of likes. Bosch immediately thanked me and asked for my address, they sent some Hats and Shirts, pretty cool. Porter Cable wasn’t impressed I guess. You be the judge.



My little family of cutters,


Have Saw ~ Will Travel


3 thoughts on “Have Saw ~ Will Travel ~

  1. The title comes from an all timeless favorite song from Merle Haggard as I posted in my original thread here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFHJ41ktt3Q

  2. George E. Landry

    amazing work, what a talent

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