Met some folks other day, had things needed fixing and built, heres a few of them.


Needed a couple shelves here.


Old birds was dog chewed and needed a new base built, fresh coat of lacquer and some clear made them more happy.

 1446482556351 Dump Trucks needed custom woofers built, new stereo installed, cb radios repaired, new antennas, some rust repair and fresh paint, ect ect.

IMG_20160614_131701 IMG_20160621_093602 IMG_20160625_110843 IMG_20160607_104215 IMG_20160705_174045 IMG_20160705_145041

After a little blood sweat and beers (after work of course) whole lot of fiberglass, bondo, some welding and paint, two old trucks look much more better.

Unfortunately a year later had to do again because someone wouldn’t let me do it right the first time.


Then there was this poor Ole Roller needed some help

IMG_20160427_090649 IMG_20160509_110413  IMG_20160525_134134

Dashboard cover was just about too bad to fix, No Never!!!

IMG_20160526_105826      IMG_20160518_151724 Happy Roller.

HONDAS needed some attention, 2005 models, one needed rear brakes repaired, other needed front wheel bearing, front 4wd clutch unit replaced, after a day on the phone the 4wd parts started at $1150.00 locally to  $390.00 from a distributor, works great.

IMG_20160721_171109 IMG_20160722_175638

IMG_20160725_103912 home made hudraulic press for new front wheel bearing.

IMG_20160726_113523 frame rusted through needed new steel welded, fabricated.

IMG_20160726_113558 Had some help here.

IMG_20160727_161118 another rusted chassis repair, was a big hole.

IMG_20160728_090001 more fixing.

IMG_20160805_155553 piece by piece both bikes needed lots of repair and love.

IMG_20160813_172526 Happy Blackened Hondas.

I said the sun would destroy that new black paint on plastic, that’s why Honda don’t sell or recommend paint for them, could have built a quick shed for them but someone decided to let the sun ruin them instead, now they look just awful a year later.

Pulled this old wind bird thing out of the bushes that had been knocked around for decades, pulled the vines off discovered it was a hand made copper and brass priceless piece of art that needed fixing.


bird3   bird6

Dented up, broke parts, layers of old paint. Flying again above after much work.

bird2  bird1

little repair, some scraping and hammering, lots of solder.


Had to manufacture a complete new base system with some bearings.

bird4  bird5


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