New Work Truck Project

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Found a 2000 chevy flat bed 2500 to work with


Needs dual wheels pretty sure.


This bed too high and skinny, need a shop to fix it.


Off with the old


Trailer hitch on the tractor aint gonna do this


Will work now


Now the fun begins. Sanding cleaning fresh paint.


Hold my beer I got this.

Add some lumber


Some lettering by Richard Baker


To be continued, tool boxes next to come.

After a year time has come, remove, refinish, redesign time.

new paint, minor changes

new battery box for amps

milled 2×8 2x10s for bed edges and new fenders. All full 1″ thick lumber, all box boards are home made tongue and groove clamped and glued with Tightbond III and all grooves sealed with 5200 marine caulk. I mixed white rustoleum with Thompsons clear water sealer for the finish.

Needed a front bumper. used all factory bolts and mounts. Needed stereo, designed 1.3 cu. ft. sealed 12″ sub woofer box, nine speakers three amps. Couple ham radios keep me company and help with emergency communications if needed.

took many tools to build.

had to convince boards to lay down flat with some screws & 5200 marine caulk, it worked.

large overlay Euro Hinges worked great.

narrow front box accepts 6′ levels as planned.


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Have more than forty years of experience learning what works and what doesn’t, this is on the job experience, not in some shop. After four years of Union Apprenticeship and night school we had to learn how to survey, lay out, frame floors rafters walls, form concrete, build stairs of all designs, trim, build doors, cabinets and all construction related projects BEFORE we could call our self a “Carpenter”.

Can design and build stereo systems for home or car, build speaker enclosures, I’m a mechanic, can turn a simple closet into a tornado, hurricane, fire proof safe room for you and or your valuables, a gunsmith, I can whittle you a mannlicher stock for any rifle or turn an old 45 into a masterpiece.

Look through my menus to see what I can do for you, everything here I designed and built to make the customer happy, no one ever follows me to fix what I did, none of my projects ever have a punch list after completion when I’m running the job. A punchlist means you never finished a project, we were taught better than that.

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