The Dade County Stump


So, use your creative side, imagine the potential fun one (or two) could have during half time or a rain out with this fine piece of furniture!

Dade County used to extend half way up the state to Sebastian Inlet, when Florida was one big Pine, Oak Forrest and Cypress Head. Most of it got timbered that caused the great praries that we see today driving up the Turnpike, Everglades wasn’t always Sugar Cane you know.

This poor fella survived World Wars, Depressions, Terror Attacks, Gun Shot Wounds, Hangings, Fences nailed to it, Termites, Hurricanes, a Tornado or two (am guessing) Fires, Countless Dog Leg Lifts on it and only God Knows how many Presidents until that obama fella came along, like many things, it fell down too.

I seen it laying on the banks of Canal 10 in Dania and finally decided if my Ole Suburban could pull it up the bank to high ground I’d attempt to give it a second chance at life again where it could be appreciated for generations to come hopefully. After many hours of carefully removing the loose pieces have done many coats of polyurethane sanded between coats, about thirty now am guessing. Carved a bench and places to set things where it was rotted away carefully preserving man embedded items hidden for decades.

Well, after months of no interest I changed it to a table base, something more usable.
This is one solid chunk of OAK!

022 018 019 020 023
Pics never do a job justice, if you are interested in owning a piece of history let me know and we can work something out.

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