Project Suburban

Loosing a lifetime of accomplishments trying to survive under the present economy wasn’t easy or pleasant to experience. House, ham radios, guns, savings, many tools, 2006 F-250 4×4, motorcycles, 50 years of progress in America all gone.
Meet Mr. Suburban


Was full of rust, fenders gone, roof and hood was about to vanish as well so the body work started.


Paint job #1 resulted in it looking like a big square goofball thanks to an afternoon sun shower, paint job #2 was better and showed me all the dents that I missed.


After four or five months of this was time for a break, it didn’t have any music. My motel neighbor just happens to be in that business and needed me to build some speaker boxes, I see some bartering. Once I got a stereo an amp was next, here we go


Every used Amp needs a used sub woofer, this one was pretty beat up and needed a face job.



Sounded good, played with the box, sealed the port, sounded better. Next created a bandpass, sealed behind the speaker and designed a ported system for the front. My neighbor calls it a 4th order bandpass box.



You gotta hear it and feel it to believe it.

I built some sealed wooden speaker boxes for front and rear




More to come later, needs another amp for the rear am thinking.

Alright, couple months later this stereo has come to life, 15 speakers on four amps, finally got everything sorted out and adjusted. I built all the speaker cabinets according to their individual specs, this is what we have.

new console

new console

Dash Speakers.


Amp Rack looking back from drivers seat


Amp Rack from outside, hollow center for max cooling.


Final Woofer configuration.


Kenwood 6″ speakers


Pioneer 6″ speakers


Way Backs playing highs with tweeters


Smoking Joe Camel Shirt given a 2nd life.


Update~ someone gave me a pair of bookshelf speakers years ago, PLC audio, always sounded great with the home stereo until recently. Blew one driver so went online to find another, found these 30 year old speakers selling on ebay for up to $800 a pair. Was impressed with the wiring and construction quality inside. Couldn’t find new drivers so went to my favorite stereo shop, looked around and decided to replace the cute lil 4″ drivers with some 6″ McLaren mid bass drivers with gigantic magnets. Called McLaren in Miami got the required speaker box size from them and went to work. The PLC crossover network system was glued in so tight was afraid of damaging it so just installed it to the new enclosures built.
8ohm like the eminence 10″ speaks below them works just fine with 150 watts each from the Ole JVC amp.
Sorry the last two pics are sideways, no way to edit them here.

Next was time for a new bumper after someone backed into me and left, did some damage. Got some 2×4 pine and went to work, my “Step Bumper”

Few weeks ago the engine finally was ready for some freshening up, burn’t a valve. Couldn’t afford a complete rebuild so just did a valvejob on it.

Happy Burban again.
So I’m a mechanic too, need something fixed?

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